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Because it is better to prevent!

For the vast majority of adults, dental checkups and cleanings are required twice a year.


Dental examination


During this  examination, it is possible to detect several possible problems, such as cavities, gum disease or cancer. Often, these issues are painless and ignored by patients. That's why you need a competent dentist to be able to diagnose and treat them. At Centre Dentaire Létourneau, our philosophy is centered on prevention and the most conservative treatments.

Dental cleaning  

Our gentle and competent dental hygienists will know how to take good care of you. The frequency of cleanings is to be determined according to the condition of your gums. When we allow bacteria to build up, they turn into plaque and then tartar, which  degrade the state of our gums and cause long-term bone loss and tooth mobility. It is also often a source of bad breath and discomfort.

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