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For a youthful and harmonious smile

You don't like the shape, colour or size of your teeth and don't want to have an orthodontic treatment? Veneers are a good option to rejuvenate your smile

Porcelain veneers

The dental veneer is affixed to the surface of the teeth. This aesthetic accessory is generally used to cover damaged teeth, with stains or discolourations. The veneer can also be used to reshape a smile by, for example, increasing the size of the teeth or adjusting their shape. Before having dental veneers, you must make sure that there are no cavities and that the gums are healthy. This is why it is important to have a good dental examination to better assess your needs.

Composite veneers

Another less expensive option for covering the surface of teeth to improve their shape, colour or size, composite resin veneers are an equally valid option. Talk to your dentist to find out which option of treatment is best for you. 

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